Mor Jodidaar


Chhattisgarhi Film – MOR JODIDAAR 2

Mor Jodidar 2 A romantic action film directed by Gulam Haider Mansuri and Pawan Reddy

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Drama, Romance
Star Cast – Dilesh Sahu, Muskan Sahu, Yogesh Agrawal, Priyansh Tiwari, Riyaz Khan, Shail Soni Dixit,
Director-Gulam Haider Mansuri
Asst Director– Neha Sahu
Script/Screenplay/Dialogue – Gulam Haider Mansuri
– Pawan Reddy
Editor – Satish Dewangan
BGM -Jeetendriyam Dewangan
Lyrics & Music Composer -Mukund Kaushal & Sunil Soni
MUSIC DIRECTOR– Jitendriam Dewangan & Sunil Soni
SingerSunil Soni, Gungun, Vajanti Yadav, Pinki Sahu, Ritu Sahu,
Choreographer – Nandu, NTR, Vilas Raut


Jab Tai Muskaye Gori
Jab Tai Muskaye Gori | Mor Jodidaar 2 | Dilesh Sahu | Muskan Sahu | N MAHI FILMS

Mor Sang Maya Ke Bandhana
Mor Sang Maya Ke Bandhana ll Mor Jodidaar 2 ll Dilesh Sahu ll Muskan Sahu ll NMAHI FILMS Chattisgarh

Man Baiha Hoge
Man Baiha Hoge l Mor Jodidaar 2 l Dilesh Sahu l Muskan Sahu lAnurag sharma l NMAHI FILMS Chattisgarh

Patrengi Mor Jodidar Rani Taiy
Patrengi ll Mor Jodidaar 2 ll Dilesh Sahu ll Muskan Sahu ll Munmun chakravarti ll Anurag sharma 2020

Mor Sonha Re Gaon
Mor Sonha Re Gaon l Mor Jodidaar2 l Dilesh Sahu l Muskan Sahu l Riyaz Khan l NMAHI FILMS

Chulmati ll Mor Jodidaar2 ll Dilesh Sahu ll Muskan Sahu ll Bihav Geet ll N MAHI FILMS

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News & Updates

Chhattisgarh Natural beauty Queen Muskan Sahu is not a new name for Chhollywood, he made a mark in the audience through several video albums. Recently, his film Tura I Love Yu was very much liked. Perhaps the result of this is that they now have a line of films.

In social media, there is talk of becoming part II of Tura I Love You. At present, his film ‘Mor Jodider 2’ has started shooting on December 16. With the Muskan Sahu and Dilesh Sahu is coming again in the audience. Director Ghulam Haider Mansuri and producer Mohit Sahu have a lot of hope from this film. This film is being made on a slightly different theme from the Mor Jodidar. According to information from sources, it is a triangular love story that is centered around Daryesh Sahu, Muskan Sahu, and Riyaz Khan. Talking about character actors, Upasana Vaishnav, Yogesh Agarwal, Jayshree Reddy, Satish Dewangan, Pawan Gupta, and many other prominent actors are working.

After this film of Muskan Sahu, the shooting of Tura I Love 2 is scheduled to start from January, and along with Karan Khan, it is time for them to take time even for ‘ Benam Badshah ‘ who is formed in the direction of Pranav Jha. On December 8, in Hotel Aghana, in addition to the famous artists of the film, in the presence of many known film personalities. BA First Year, BA After the success of Second Year, Director Pranav Jha The final year has also been announced. However, the full attention of Pranav da is currently on the present project’s name.

Now, Chhattisgarh’s Natural Beauty Queen Muskan Sahu is planning how to make time for all three projects, they leave it only on them, for the moment they enjoin 2019, when their film Mor Jodidar 2, Tura I Love 2 and Benam Badshah are completed. Will come in